Facebook Customization – It’s a Must!

Over 600 million people use Facebook and this number is quickly growing. You have made a smart move by putting your business on the social network. Now all you have to do is set yourself apart from the millions of other businesses with profiles. How do you do this? You customize your page and promote it. Simple pages with a logo and some boring text will not capture consumers’ interests or generate a buzz for your business. You need a bold presence that will get attention from people that want to know who you are and what you have to offer. Multichoice Social can help you do this by rejuvenating your Facebook page and getting it in front of hungry consumers.

Multichoice Social can customize your Facebook profile with the following options:


  • Welcome Page: Shows your business logo and tells visitors who you are.
  • About Us: Introduces people to your business and tells consumers who you are, what you do. Executive staff members and others can also be mentioned here.
  • Sales: Discusses the products and services that you sell, as well as the process through which you offer them.
  • Service: Talks about your Service department and the team that runs it, as well as discuss service options and hours of operation.
  • Parts: Lets customers know about the Parts department and how they can obtain the item they need.
  • Financing: Customers may need assistance with funding for the purchase so this page tells them what you offer and how they can get approved for what they need.
  • Customer Service: Build on your amazing Facebook profile by making it easy for customers to get help before, during, and after they make a purchase from you.
  • Internet Department: Describes the other internet options customers have for working with your business, including your Facebook page.
  • Lock In Pricing: Guarantees the customer that the price they are quoted online is the same price they will pay when they are ready to make the purchase.
  • Inventory: Allows prospective customers to see what you have without having to leave home.

If you are ready to get more out of your Facebook existence, contact Multichoice Social and lets  get started today.