Twitter – Let the Masses know about you!

Everyone is familiar with Facebook’s cult-like following. You may even have a profile on the network for your business that has worked well for you. However, there is another hot social networking phenomenon that has entered the scene: Twitter.  Twitter is a web platform where users can have a unique identity and screen name chosen by them, and they can also personalize their pages and communicate with others who may “follow” them through short messages that are similar to texting on a cell phone. The difference is that everyone that is a friend or follower of the user can see these messages unless they are sent privately. Just as this works well for individuals, businesses have seen that they can also benefit from constantly staying in touch with consumers that want to know what’s going on with them. Your business can also prosper with a Twitter account, and Multichoice Social can help you get started.

Why should my business be on Twitter?

Being on Twitter is not exclusively for just having a great time talking to friends and family – the network is also being used as a powerful portal for businesses to reach customers. Twitter can be used to create loyal followers for your brand because people can see your identity, and as you post messages, or tweet, customers become more involved in your business’s marketing because they feel like you are more than just a company feeding you specials and coupons – they view you as a “friend.” By following customers, they feel like VIP’s to you and they will support you in a number of ways that include repeat business as well as referrals. Some followers will also link your tweets to their other social networking profiles such as Facebook, and your tweets will continue to work for you. You can also do the same – link your Twitter account and feeds to your other marketing profiles and you’ll see your business grow in a flash.

Are you ready for Twitter?

If so, Multichoice Social can get you going. Contact us today and let’s get started.